COVID-19 notice to our patients

We wish to assure you that, as a primary care clinic, our office is deemed an essential service and so we will remain open to assist you during this difficult time. In an effort to help our patients comply with Washington's stay-at-home order, our clinic is converting direct patient care visits to telemedicine visits. All previously scheduled visits will be automatically changed to this type of an encounter except for wellness visits (including PAPs) which will have to be postponed until we begin in-office encounters again. Please find instructions on how to confirm you have insurance benefits and the proper device for a telemedicine visit with us.

If you are a new or current patient and would like one of these telemedicine appointments, please call to schedule. As usual, if you are in need of a prescription refill, which you get from a pharmacy, please contact that pharmacy. If you are in need of supplements which you get from our dispensary, please contact our office. We are encouraging our patients to project their supplement requirements for a minimum of one month when ordering. We are allowing for pickups, though our preference is to ship supplements to patients directly. Vitamin B injections, blood draws and body composition appointments are being delayed until further notice. You may contact our office for a supplemental alternative to our Vitamin B injections in the meantime. You may reference our blog post for more information on COVID-19 and our immune support treatment plan.

Please stay at home and take good care. We do look forward to seeing you in person again very soon.

In health,
The Holistic Health Clinic

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