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Our Story

It’s easy to forget how good we can feel when our bodies are functioning properly. In fact, a majority of Americans today have come to accept all their aches and pains, sniffles and sneezes, fatigue, indigestion, weight gain, headaches, mood swings and food cravings as normal and unavoidable. We’d like to help you get back to feeling great and staying that way. It starts with listening to you. We get to know you and your body so we can come up with a health plan tailored to your needs. Then with our guidance, and relying on the latest advancements in naturopathic medicine, you take control of your own health. As your body rebuilds itself, you’ll start to remember what being healthy is supposed to feel like.



Our Approach

If you decide to become a patient, you will benefit from the most advanced natural healthcare options available. The primary goal is your recovery. This involves a four-tier approach:

  1. We reduce the risk and discomfort of whatever illness you might have with the safest and most effective means, including natural medicines and pharmaceutical drugs when necessary (Yes, Naturopathic doctors can and do prescribe pharmaceutical medications when necessary).
  2. We fortify your body’s weaknesses and deficiencies with the right diet, nutritional supplements and, if indicated, natural hormone therapies.
  3. We correct the underlying causes of your illness and remove the obstacles to recovery.
  4. We stimulate your body’s self-healing functions.

To accomplish all this, we take advantage of the latest in clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques. They help us to understand your unique body makeup and identify the root causes of any temporary (acute) or recurring (chronic) health issues you may have. We then use a comprehensive range of effective, non-invasive natural therapies to correct the problem. Once corrected, your body will do what comes naturally – heal itself.

Should your health problem defy conventional understanding, an unconventional approach may be the solution. We’ve had great success thinking outside the box. You can count on us to consider every rational and reasonable approach to uncover the causes of your unique symptoms and prescribe a health plan that will give your body the support it needs to heal itself.

When you come in for an appointment, along with receiving great care from one of our doctors, our staff will make you feel right at home. All of us are here to help you when you need us.



Meet Our Doctors

The clinic’s associate doctors have all completed a two-year residency with Dr. Miller – a fairly unique model for Naturopathic Clinics and a big advantage for you. This ensures a unified topnotch approach to patient evaluations and treatment. You benefit from each doctor’s unique talents and personalities while they work as a team to arrive at the best and most innovative health evaluation and recovery approaches. When thinking inside the box just isn’t working, our team consults during regular case review and treatment strategy sessions looking for breakthrough treatments. The result is greater success and a higher level of care for you.

All our doctors have different backgrounds and come from different parts of the country, but they’ve all graduated from an accredited naturopathic medical school. For more information on the various schools and what it means to be accredited, visit aanmc.org.

In the State of Washington, naturopathic physicians have one of the largest scopes of practice of any medical professions in the United States. This means our doctors have the necessary skills to guide you through most of your primary healthcare needs, including the use of prescription medications and referrals to medical specialists.

Holistic Health Care

Dr. Owen Miller

Clinical Director

Dr. Miller grew up in the Pacific Northwest and earned a Bachelors of Science in biology/chemistry from Gonzaga University in 1977 and a Doctoral Degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 1985.

Dr. Miller established the Holistic Health Clinic in 1987, where he delivers primary care and naturopathic specialty care services to individuals of all ages. In addition to patient care, he serves as the clinic Medical Director, and provides a 1 year residency training experience to newly licensed doctors. Together with the other physicians of the Holistic Health Clinic, Dr. Miller has forwarded naturopathic best practices, combining evidence based medicines with time honored therapies to create the most effective resolution oriented care available anywhere.

His passion for natural medicine is witnessed daily by his enthusiasm and desire to educate and empower each patient to reclaim their own health. Dr. Miller centers his care on proven diet and lifestyle strategies that are among the most important new innovations in all of modern medicine. His clinical interest has evolved from providing general medicine and women’s health care services, to much needed services for men. His skilled use of natural hormone therapies, particularly testosterone therapy, has been instrumental in helping men lead more productive and vibrant lives.

He is a member of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians, contributes articles to professional newsletters, and lectures to audiences, both publicly and professionally. In his spare time, Dr. Miller enjoys spending time with his family and friends doing an abundance of outdoor activities found here in the Northwest, from hiking and snow skiing, to fishing and water sports.

Holistic Health Care

Dr. Julia Miller

Dr. Julia L. Miller, or Dr. Julia, so as not to be confused with her father Dr. Owen Miller, is a Washington native and outdoor enthusiast. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Seattle University where she also ran competitively on the varsity track and cross-country team. As a scholar athlete, she applied her long-time interest in medicine to her physical fitness strategies. After college Dr. Julia took a year to work and volunteer in the medical field which solidified her desire to become a naturopathic physician.

In a hospital in India, she saw firsthand the repercussions of the diabetic epidemic. That experience ignited her passion for the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. But rather than fall into the conventional model of drug therapies to control symptoms, Dr. Julia’s interest is prevention and disease resolution. This led her to Bastyr University where she received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and to the Holistic Health Clinic for her residency.

Dr. Julia welcomes any patient with a desire to build or rebuild their health. Her primary interest is in diet therapy, the most effective intervention aimed at resolving disease. Conditions she especially focuses on are hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, reflux, IBS, Crohn’s, and colitis. With practicing in Tacoma and seeing the health implications that come with heavy metal and non-metal toxic exposure, environmental medicine is a growing passion of hers. Hormone replacement and preconception care are other areas she excels in. She is able to provide her patients, regardless of gender, with testosterone replacement therapy when indicated. Dr. Julia is a member of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She lives in Seattle with her husband - on the weekends, you can find them adventuring to the mountains to hike, mountain bike or ski.

Dr. Celeste Bosworth

Dr. Celeste BOSWORTH

Dr. Celeste Bosworth is a Washington native, who after living most of her life in Colorado, returned to Seattle to earn her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Biofeedback certification from Bastyr University. She completed a two-year residency here at the Holistic Health Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Brook Munro. Upon completion of her residency, she moved back to Colorado to open a practice and after 3 years there decided to return to her roots here in Washington and rejoin the physician provider team at the Holistic Health Clinic.

She is thrilled to be back to continue her life passion of helping others obtain optimal health. Many of you will remember her. The clinic and the community are fortunate to have her back.
Her clinical focuses are family medicine, bioidentical hormones to include pellet implants, digestive and endocrine issues, women’s health, mental health and biofeedback, pelvic floor disorders including incontinence, and physical/sports medicine. She recognizes that everyone is unique with their own needs and life challenges and enjoys meeting patients where they are in their health journey, then working with them to find the best path forward.

Dr. Bosworth knew she wanted to be in the field of natural medicine when she discovered the healing power of herbs. She found that Naturopathic Medicine utilizes herbs for healing but also includes many more avenues to facilitate wellness. She knew she had found her calling and never looked back.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her family and fur babies, camping, reading, yoga, swimming, working on classic cars, and attending hard rock concerts.

Dr. Brook Munro

Dr. Brook Munro (formerly Scronce)

Dr. Brook Munro has been a valuable member of our professional team for over 15 years, providing naturopathic primary care to patients of all ages with a variety of acute and chronic health conditions. She encourages longstanding and sustainable healthy changes in her patients by focusing on education and self-empowerment. Treatment plans are personalized and emphasize proven nutritional and botanical therapies, as well as conventional pharmaceutical prescriptions when indicated.

Dr. Munro has a special interest in hormone balance and has extensive experience with thyroid disorders, PMS and irregular menstrual cycles, perimenopause and menopausal challenges, and contraceptive prescribing. Her treatment options for such concerns feature bio-identical hormone replacement, conventional pharmaceutical formulations, herbal remedies, and nutritional therapies. Additionally, Dr. Munro also has significant clinical experience with mood balance, adrenal fatigue, detoxification, and weight loss.

Dr. Munro grew up in a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Her interest in medicine started in high school after she completed a fellowship with the American Heart Association and came to accept that her love of modern dance was not going to support a career. She holds a dual bachelor's degree from Duke University in biology and religious studies with a focus on Southeast Asia. While studying abroad in India, she was introduced to many forms of healing traditions including naturopathic medicine. The importance that naturopathic medicine places on treating the whole person and teaching patients resonated with her deeply and inspired her to become a naturopathic physician.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Dr. Munro relocated across the country and received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 2005. She then completed a two-year residency at the Holistic Health Clinic and has continued on for many years providing excellent patient care, in addition to mentoring new physicians by providing them with a 1-2 year post-doctoral residency.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Munro can be found in national and state parks camping with her family. She enjoys hiking, yoga, international travel, photography, playing board games, and cooking delicious meals with local foods for her family and friends.

Dr. Heidi Mass

Dr. Heidi Maas

Dr. Heidi Maas believes that some of the best healthcare providers have a healing story of their own; her interest in Naturopathic Medicine comes from such a journey. She has a unique perspective and personal insight into what it takes to correct underlying health obstacles, including mental and emotional roadblocks. This, combined with her doctorate from National University of Natural Medicine, makes Dr. Maas a personable and effective physician.

You may already know Dr. Maas, as she completed a residency at the Holistic Health Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Brook Munro. Her clinical interests include hypothyroidism, IBS, anxiety, depression, and health concerns specific to women, such as PMS and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Dr. Maas provides primary care to patients of all ages, but particularly loves working with adolescents and young adults, helping them to create the foundations of health at a young age. She inspires her patients to make health and vitality a priority.

In her free time, Dr. Maas can be found with her husband and daughter enjoying live music, vintage shopping, riding bikes and picnicking at the local parks. If she is not out and about on the town, she is home relishing quiet time with her family or a good book.

Dr. Uppal

Dr. Harpreet Uppal

Dr. Uppal has relocated to California to be close to her family. Continuity of care is important, so she recommends her patients see Dr. Bosworth or Dr. Maas going forward. Our other providers are available as well - it is your choice.

DrJudah (3)

Dr. Susan Judah

Dr. Judah has retired and is no longer seeing patients. She has transferred the bulk of her practice to Dr. Heidi Maas who trained under Dr. Judah to ensure a smooth transition of care. The other providers are also available to pick up where Dr. Judah left off - it is your choice!

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