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Most of us have walked down a supplement isle or visited a nutritional store only to be confronted with the confusing question–which one is right for me? It’s hard to know without doing a lot of research to find out:

  1. Is it high quality?
  2. Does it have the right combination of nutrients and support I need?
  3. Is it in a form my body can actually metabolize?
  4. Will it cause a negative reaction?

The best way to avoid the confusion is to rely on a doctor who knows your body and has done the research for you. Holistic Health Clinic has it’s own in-office dispensary*. Here you can rest assured you are getting the very best quality in a form that works with your body. And you will be tested to reduce the off chance that you may have a reaction. No more researching or guessing.

*Most of our supplement plans can also be filled at a “compounding” pharmacy for a comparable price.







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