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Regence, Premera/Lifewise, Group Health, First Choice



We network with the greater health care community and are preferred providers with most insurance networks. Please note all individual health plans vary. As your insurance benefits are a contract between you and/or your employer and your insurance company, it is your responsibility to know your benefits, eligibility and liabilities prior to making an appointment. You will be responsible to pay for all charges not covered by your insurance. Please contact your insurance customer service department. The number is generally located on the back of your insurance card. Specifically ask for coverage information on your benefits and eligibility for naturopathic care. Insurance often covers all or a portion of the office visit and some labs. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover Naturopathic medicine at this time. We do not accept Medicaid Insurance.

If the doctor is contracted with your insurance carrier we will bill your insurance directly. We will also contact your insurance to determine benefits and eligibility prior to treatment. What we are told by your insurance carrier will govern how we determine your liability. We are not responsible for payment discrepancies that might occur once the reimbursement check is received. It is the patient's responsibility to keep track of their deductable, maximum benefit, or other liabilities specific to their plan's coverage. If you are not covered by one of our contracted carriers and think that your insurance will cover naturopathic care, at your request we will provide you with an insurance billing form that you can submit to receive payment from your insurance company. (Weight loss programs are not covered by insurance).

The insurance companies we are credentialed with include:
  • First Choice
  • Group Health
  • Premera/Lifewise
  • Regence

If you have an insurance company that covers naturopathic medicine who we are not credentialed with, full payment will be due at the time of service and we can provide you with an insurance claim form to mail to your insurance company for re-imbursement.

Un-insured patients please note we do not have a sliding fee scale.

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Visa/MasterCard (debit and credit)


A 10% discount on service (out-source lab, medications received from our dispensary and weight loss programs are not included) will be given to our patients who are age 65 and older. Due to State and Federal regulations, we cannot process medical coupons and Medicare/Medicaid claims.


As a patient of this clinic you are directly responsible for payment of all charges incurred while under treatment unless you are eligible for insurance reimbursement with an insurance carrier the doctors have contracted with. Payments are due when services are rendered, supplies are received, or laboratory tests are ordered. If the doctor is contracted with your insurance carrier, all deductibles, co-pays, and balances that are the patient’s responsibilities are due at the time of service.

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Please give us at least 24 hours advance notice of your inability to keep an appointment. If less than 24 hours notice is received, the amount of the scheduled visit will be charged (except in emergencies).


Accounts over ninety (90) days outstanding are overdue and may be acted on for collection. Collection costs are added to your account. A late fee of $1.50 or 1.0% of the balance per month, whichever is greater, is charged on overdue accounts. There is a $10.00 charge for returned checks and payment is due in the amount of the check plus the returned check fee within ten (10) working days.


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