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“I was tired of all the prescription drugs. I was taking pills to suppress the side effects of the other pills I was taking. By switching to a healthy lifestyle supported by natural therapies, I got rid of the side effects and regained my health. I feel like myself again.”


People are looking for a better way. They’re hoping to avoid getting caught up in a healthcare crisis that’s getting worse every year. They’re tired of buying into the idea that the only way to stay healthy is to rely on a healthcare system that considers drugs to be the primary solution to our nation’s growing health problems.

Well then, join the people who are embracing Naturopathic medicine. Besides the obvious benefits of learning how to take care of yourself using natural therapies instead of drugs to achieve wellness, you can also feel good about being part of the solution to “out of control” healthcare costs and dependency.

How? By becoming and staying healthy. The best way to do that is to use Naturopathic medicine to restore your health and to keep your body working properly in order to prevent the chronic health problems that people are facing today.

You might be wondering–but even healthy people get sick. What happens then? Our naturopathic doctors will provide the same day service for an acute illness and give you the care you need just like a medical doctor would. The difference is, you’ll be using natural therapies to give your body the support it needs to recover, rather than relying on symptom suppressing medications with little or no regard to the underlying cause. With Naturopathic restorative treatment, you can resolve your symptoms while you resolve the cause of your illness. And if you need symptom relief fast, the naturopathic doctors at Holistic Health Clinic have the additional training and certification to order prescription medications when the need arises.

Can a single individual solve our health crisis? Of course not, but every individual can help tip the balance. This same kind of transformation happened with organic foods. It took individuals who believed sustainable organic methods were a better way to raise crops and animals. Today, this once fringe way of thinking is becoming mainstream. You can now find organic foods in almost every store with more people buying organic every day. The same thing is now happening with Naturopathic medicine. More individuals are getting excited about this new way of thinking. They strongly believe that the answer lies in creating a health promoting diet and lifestyle, while supporting the body’s innate healing capacity. It’s only natural.


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